Srikanth Bolla Essay

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1.1.1 Introduction
Have you ever heard the motivating story of Srikanth Bolla, CEO and founder of Bollant Industries? Srikanth, a blind student from a farmer's family in Andhra Pradesh, scored 98% in his XII board exams. He attended classes at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Srikanth was the first international blind student at MIT. In 2012, Srikanth founded Bollant Industries with funding from Ratan Tata. Now, the company provides employment to several hundred persons with disabilities. Srikanth is a living example of the spirit of true entrepreneurship, in which he proved nothing can stop in achieving success as an entrepreneur when you have creativity and required skills.
Entrepreneurs play a very important
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An entrepreneur uses creative talents to develop new things and exploit new opportunities in the markets.
Choose the best option: An entrepreneur finalizes a concept or an idea only after considering a variety of options. He analyses their strengths and weaknesses by applying different techniques. He tests the product's applicability, supplements it with empirical findings, and then chooses the best alternative. Then he applies his ideas in practice.
Develop management skills: An entrepreneur uses his managerial skills while planning, organizing, directing and controlling the activities of business. When the size of business grows, an entrepreneur may employ professional managers for business operations.
Overcome resistance to change: Generally, people oppose new innovations and methods in initial stages. This is because it makes them change their existing behaviour patterns. An entrepreneur makes the ideas available to others for their benefit. Thus, an entrepreneur paves the way for the acceptance of new ideas or methods by the society. An entrepreneur's confidence, enthusiasm and energy help him in overcoming the society’s resistance to
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