Female Characters In Bollywood Films

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During the 1980s, there was the beginning of the action era; this is an era that brought a lot of changes. The Bollywood Hindi films heroines have lost their strength and space to the hero. According to R. Agarwal (2014), she stated that, “She was reduced to being a glamorous component of the films, dancing around trees, being kidnapped, raped or killed.” In the recent history of Bollywood Hindi films, the body became an essential part of a success of an actress. To make their bodies fit, and be attractive they are spending lots of time in gyms and in beauty parlor. Actresses deal with the villains by herself, defeating them for example- in film Baaghi (2016) where Shraddha Kapoor is performing martial arts and is fighting for her freedom. Then later came the period of the 1990s bringing about more changes seen in the Hindi Cinema. By this time came several films showing the changing role of female component of Indian Cinema. E.g. film Mohra (1994). The main female character in Mohra is Roma Singh played by Raveena Tandon, she is an activist journalist, assistant editor of news paper. She is shown to be…show more content…
The image of the female actors in the Bollywood Hindi films is as an ideal daughter or wife or daughter-in-law was used in different styles/ avatars with only a change of name and location. For example- in film Judaai (1997), Sridevi as Kajal sells her husband Anil Kapoor as Raaj for money to Urmila Matondkar as Jahnvi. Where Sridevi acts as a vamp, when she realizes her love for her husband and her children and comes in her old- poor-simple look, to bring them back in her life, ask forgiveness to her husband as well as from her children and ask Urmila to give her husband and her children back to
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