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The product I’m focusing on for selling is the CS100 model from the new CSeries line of aircrafts Bombardier is making. The CSeries models are focused around being the largest aircrafts of the company, and to compete with the small models of the mega-sellers Airbus and Boeing. The models are made of materials such as advanced aluminum fuselage and advanced composite, and have an optimized five-abreast cabin. All of this results in an aircraft that’s about 12,000 pounds lighter than their competition. The engines of the aircrafts are specifically designed for the models, having advanced combustion technology, the highest by-pass ratio of any certified turbofan engine in the world, reduced emissions, reduced noise, and reduced fuel burn (Technology,…show more content…
The CS100 is useful as Israel is a big user of aircrafts. These planes can be sold for military purposes, as long as they are not for combat situations, but could also fulfill the market of small planes for commercial flights within Israel. There are several small national flights from airports such as that of Eilat, in the south of the country, and the small airport north of Tel Aviv in the northwestern shores. For people who don’t want the long hours of a train ride, a small flight could be a perfect alternative. The market that will be most targeted will most likely be owners and managers of small airports in Israel, with military bases negotiable as well. The reason military purposes need to be specifically for non-combative purposes is because Bombardier does not sell to any military influenced causes. However, should the product be used for situations like delivery of soldiers or other materials for use of the military, or training pilots, it could be negotiable to sell. Israel’s geography plays a part in this marketing, because the distances are what is important when selling these planes to the airports. The reason is because, Israel being so small, distance is usually not great enough to take a plane often. Therefore, locations like Eilat, which is about 3 hours away from the closest major city, is an ideal location to sell this product,…show more content…
While Israel does already produce aircraft, most of that is normally small, military-purpose aircrafts. Many commercial planes come from other countries. Bombardier does have a history of loss, and there have been several reports of their prices being slightly too high, but there are also numerous reports about the new C-Series being a pickup for them, something that can bring them back up in the competitive market, and decrease their loses, maybe even give positive income. It is also beneficial that this specific model is a small aircraft, but one of the larger ones, which can carry more people on a small aircraft than usual, but still remain small enough for short flights. The aircraft market is also quite strong in most of the Middle East, and Israel is one of the strongest. Iran is also a big market now, with restrictions going down. Marketing to Israel could get the attention of Iran, and Bombardier might be able to sell there, and maybe even expand into the country and start offering jobs and opening offices. There are cons to look out for, such as some political issues in Israel that could lead to harm, such as fly zones that if entered by planes, possess the risk of being shot down. Bombardier has also had a rough history as mentioned before, which could lead to a failure. But the potential for both sides

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