Bonanza Farm Research Paper

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Erica Johnson
Professor Alexander Mendoza
History 1302
Due: January 12, 2018

Journal Entry 1: Bonanza Farms
What exactly is a Bonanza Farm and how did it have an impact on farmers? Bonanza farms were extremely large farms that mainly grew wheat in Northern Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Minnesota that profited large sums of money. There were quite a few factors that made it possible for these types of farms to be formed such as railroads being completed to help transport the crops, newly made farming equipment to help maintain the land, as well as the low prices associated with land during that time which all assisted in the bonanza farms being so successful. There were many different sizes of Bonanza farms, yet their size
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The conservation movement is of great importance due to the fact that it is a way to protect our natural resources, animals, plants, and their homes from being destroyed. Theodore Roosevelt took a stand in order to protect and preserve millions of acres of land and created National Parks. We definitely need conservation due to the fact that there are many resources that are not renewable sources, meaning that they can not be used repeatedly nor can they be naturally replaced. People in society have still managed to destroy and waste useful and valuable things and supplies which is not a wise choice if we are all trying to survive in this economy. This movement certainly made the public aware of the importance behind protecting nature and it’s…show more content…
The Pure Food and Drug Act was a law that gave careful federal examination of meat products and ordered that the food and drug companies could not sell their products with out proper labeling and quality checking all items. It also was a requirement that all drugs that are distributed to have accurate labeling to include contents and dosage amounts. Prior to this act being established, many companies would sell drugs and products to patients advertising sneaky and false ingredients that the consumer would be completely oblivious to. Times eventually came to a point where the Pure Food and Drug Act was also troubled by the safety of certain products, as well as products that were secure and safe, but not very efficient. I am personally thankful for this act, as I can recall reading about Coca-Cola back in 1903 using cocaine as it’s active ingredient. A few years later, Coca Cola began using exaggerated amounts of caffeine as a stand-in for cocaine. Due to this law, the United States of America has the safest foods and drugs in the entire world and is now backed up by the Food and Drug

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