Bone Fracture Research Paper

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Fracture is defined as discontinuation of bone meaning the two bones is separated. The range of broken bones can be from a thin crack to a complete break. A crack (not only a break) in the bones is also known as fracture. It can be fracture of crosswise, lengthwise, in several places or into many pieces. Typically, it happens when the bone was subjected to impact of more force or pressure than it can withstand. Commonly, broken bone can happen in childhood and mature and late adulthood. Children’s bones are still forming yet in mature and late adulthood, elderly becomes more likely to trip and fall. There are many types of fractures, but the major classes are simple fracture and compound fracture [1]. These fractures can be transverse
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force or impact) to cause much movement between the fragments of bone. The damage may be difficult to find and identify, even by using x-rays. Sometimes another set of images is taken 7-10 days after the first "check-up". A hairline fracture is sometimes referred to colloquially as a “crack” or “cracked bone”. A fatigue result can result from mechanical stresses applied to a bone too frequently, more often that the bone structure can withstand without sustaining incremental damage / weakness over time. A pathological fracture is a break or loss continuity in the substance of a bone when the bone itself is either abnormal or diseased…show more content…
It can be either closed or open. Closed reduction refers to realigning bones without breaking skin. It is performed with manual manipulation or traction and is commonly done with some kind of anesthetic. Open reduction primarily refers to surgery that is performed to realign bones or fragments. Fractures with little or no displacement may not require any form of reduction. Traction is used to help reposition a broken bone. It works by applying pressure to restore proper alignment. The traction device immobilizes the area and maintains realignment as the bone heals. A fractured bone is immobilized by applying opposing force at both ends of the injured area, using an equal amount of traction and counter traction. Weight provides the traction pull needed or the pull is achieved by positioning the individual’s body weight appropriately. Traction is a form of closed reduction and is sometimes used as an alternative to surgery. Since it restricts movement of the affected limb or body part, it may confine a person to bed rest for an extended period of time. A person may need open reduction if there is an open, severe, or comminuted fracture. This procedure allows to examine and surgically correct associated soft tissue damage while reducing the fracture and if necessary, applying internal and external devices. Internal fixation involves the use of metallic devise inserted into or through
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