Bone Marrow Transplant Research Paper

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Bone Marrow Transplant-
So my coworkers and i have come to the conclusion that the bone marrow transplant would be the best solution to try and beat your cancer.! SO during this doctor's appointment we will be talking about what this will due to your body, how it will affect you mentally and physically and what will happen during it. How this treats your cancer and a little bit of history behind it.
This type of therapy came around in the 19th century scientists proposed that bone marrow was responsible for the formation of blood cells.This theory was proven shortly afterwards.
Right now scientists believe that all blood cells are actually formed by a small subset of bone marrow cells these cells are called hematopoietic cells. These cells
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Unlike many other forms of treatment that can produce unnecessarily unpleasant side effects (such as with chemotherapy), immunotherapy entails using the patient’s own immune system. This is a far milder means of treatment. It uses natural defences and therefore causes less damage. While it is necessary to remove as much of extractable tumours as possible through surgery, it can then be a possibility to use immunotherapies to eradicate the remaining cancer cells, rather than continue with the more abrasive treatments. My research question is therefore ‘how do immunotherapies work as a treatment of cancer and how successful have they…show more content…
This allows the immune system to have a specific reaction to that antigen and destroy the abnormal cells accordingly. It does this by way of its ability to recognize that the antigens are foreign to the body. When this system fails, it is due to strategies formulated by the tumour cells which allow them to evade detection by the immune system. The cells do this either by failing to display their antigens or by producing signals that affect the immune system’s capabilities. The point, therefore, of immunotherapy, is to boost the immune system so that it will be able to eradicate the cells by bypassing the barriers caused by the tumour cells.
Unfortunately there are factors that can affect the strength of the immune system. One main factor is age. As we age, our immune systems weaken, just as we do. They become more likely to overlook cells foreign to the body, as well as react slower in responding to them. This can not only lead to cancers but make it more difficult to mobilise the immune system to fight developed cancers. It has also been recently discovered that every time the body recovers from an immune attack, a small amount of white blood cells are

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