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A HMM Integrated PCA Approach for Bone Marrow Classification Nidhi Student, M.Tech Deptt. Of Computer Sc. & App., College, City, State Guide name Asstt. Professor, Student, M.Tech Deptt. Of Computer Sc. & App., College, City, State Abstract : Bone Marrow Images are having the significance to identify the leukemia disease. In this work, white blood cell segments are analyzed over the bone marrow images to identify different type of leukemia. The work model is defined as a two stage framework. In first stage, ROI extraction is applied to perform the effective region over the image. In second stage, HMM integrated PCA approach is applied to identify and classify the leukemia disease. The experimentation results shows that the work has provided the accuracy upto 90% Keywords : Leukemia, PCA, HMM, Bone Marrow I. INTRODUCTION Medial Image processing is defined under expert opinion, expert process and on specialized datasets. The datasets are here defined in the form of specific body component or organ on which the disease identification and diagnose identification can be done. The medical aided screening and analysis can be applied to perform the disease identification. According to the extracted image and image format, the algorithmic approach can be applied over the image. This kind of disease identification requires a complete controlled and evaluation process so that the identification…show more content…
The improved presented work model is described in next section. III. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY In this present work, a two stage model is presented for bone marrow analysis to perform leukemia disease identification. The work is here defined to perform the analysis on different leukocytes so that the leukemia disease classes over the dataset will be identified. This proposed model is shown in figure 2. These layers includes the pre processing stage, feature extraction stage and the classification

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