Bone Out From Boneville Summary

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I read the graphic novel book Bone Out From Boneville by Jeff Smith. This book has 138 pages. According to a customer review on Amazon, “ this is a great book for everyone.” I think the intended audience for Bone Out From Boneville is a middle school age and up. I say this because there are some situations that younger audiences might not understand. The protagonist in the book is Fone Bone. Fone Bone is a Bone who gets run out of Boneville. He and his cousins get chased by bees he falls into a valley. Fone Bone and his cousins were in a dessert now Fone Bone is in a forest. Fone Bone and his cousin Phoney Bone are in the forest together. Fone bone, Phoney Bone, Smiley Bone we’re in the desert they got chased
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