Bonehead Writing Analysis

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As I was reading Melissa Duffy’s “Inspiration, and Craig Vetter’s “Bonehead Writing,” I found myself connecting with Vetter’s paper more than Duffy’s. I found that the presentation in “Bonehead Writing” to capture my attention, and that Vetter’s feelings about writing was similar to my opinion on writing. Through his wording and humor, I think Craig Vetter wrote the best essay. I find that the wording and presentation of an article or essay influences my opinion of the writer, and it affects how I receive the idea they are trying to present to me. Craig Vetter uses a blunt approach to convey his idea that writing is nearly impossible to teach, and describes writing as “A blood sport, a walk in the garden of agony every time out.” He presents writing as an arduous task that no one can ever perfect, and he presents this view in a harsh light that makes you realize that what he says is a cold hard truth, that you suck at writing, and that there is next to nothing that you can do to change that. Duffy does not make any strong statement on the capability of writing to be taught, she only talks about her experience with writing, and how she was helped through practice and encouragement. She goes about supporting her thesis in a kinder tone than Vetter’s. Duffy’s style is more of a smooth jazz piece compared to Vetter’s heavy metal approach. Although she presents her idea in a pleasing tone, I like the way that Vetter is incredibly blunt, and calls his imaginary students “wormy
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