Bones Healthy Case Study

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1. List two factors that keep bones healthy. Describe in detail how these factors impact bone health. Two factors that keep bones healthy is a person diet. Our bones need the correct amount of vitamin D, which then results in the efficient amount of calcium in our bones. The other factor is staying active in our day to day. When we exercise our skeletal muscle pulls against the bone causing it to rebuild and become denser. 2. Describe the process of healing a fracture The process of healing a fracture is in four major events. The first event of this process is called hematoma,which is when you have to identify where the break is because, it swells. The second event is the when the fracture beings to blood- clot which means the tissues are beginning to repair is…show more content…
4. How does the saying “use it or lose it” apply to muscles? What type of exercise is the best way to improve muscle strength? muscle size? In your answer be sure to explain how the different types of exercise work to increase strength or size! The saying “use it or lose it” applies to muscles because, when you are active the muscle expands so then you are able to use that strength. When your muscles decrease in size it not completely gone but it is non-developed. Usually when you are not active then your muscles are not being stretched it will just be very weak. The type of exercise to improve muscle strength is aerobics and to increase muscle size is to lift weight. When a person does an aerobic class, jog or bike they are working all muscles in their bodies, which will result in muscle increase. Compared to weight lifting you are working one specific area with resistance for example bench pressing where you are exercising your pictorial muscle and that mainly
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