Bonfenbrenner's Ecological Theory

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Some theories have been postulated to address the various stages that are involved in child development. Two of these theories include the evolutionary perspective and the Bronfenbrenner 's ecological model. Bronfenbrenner 's ecological model discusses the significance of the whole ecological system that surrounds a child during development. Such systems consist of various subsystems that help and enhance the growth of children. On the other hand, the evolutionary perspective states that the mind of human beings are predominantly composed of highly specialized systems that are designed with special features to solve certain issues, the theory further postulates that the problems are consistent and some have confronted ancestors and digs deeper into the lineage. This paper seeks to compare these two theories. Bronfenbrenner 's Ecological Model As aforementioned, the Bronfenbrenner 's ecological model puts great emphasis on the individual’s ecological system on a basis for understanding their development. It sees child’s development as an outcome of the child’s ecological systems. The theory sees a great deal in nature of the environment that the child is grown (Atilola, 2017). The theory explains the subsystems that have significant contributions to the growth and development of a child. The theory is also known as the theory of bioecological systems. This is because it regards the child’s biology as the key environment that fuels the child’s development. The interaction that
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