Bongbong In The Social Media Analysis

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Bongbong in the Social Media Spectacle of the Millennials The creepiest horror shows in the TV spectacle, for me, are not shown during Halloween, but during election periods. It is when the typical series of advertisements suddenly turn into a marathon of the biggest horror shows of all time. The channels then are swarmed with onscreen villains, I mean politicians, who would disturb my sleep for a couple of nights. Out of these horror shows, Bongbong Marcos’ “Tayo ang Bukas” ad tops my list of the most unsettling and terrifying scary movies in the TV spectacle category. It has haunted me long after its 45-second airtime. The scene opens as the camera zooms into a middle-aged man in a business attire, I call him victim one, saying, “Hindi ako ang aking nakaraan.” Slowly, the screen transitions to the next scene showing a farmer, victim two, taking off his buro hat as he speaks, “Naalpasan ko na ang nakalipas.” The suspense builds up as each people of different walks of life steps into the foreground and continues to utter their lines as follows, “Nalampasan ang mga bagyong nagdaan. Umahon, bumangon, lumipad, namulat sa karahasan, pinili ang kalayaan, pinalayas, bumalik, nawalay, nagkaisa…” At this moment, I totally feel squeamish as I anticipate for the climax when the killer finally appears and finishes the victims off. Then, a fast progression of flashes of the victims dominate the screen, as they deliver to the audience their last words, “Hindi ako, hindi ikaw, ang

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