Bonnie And Clyde: An Infamous Gangster

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How would you feel if you had been running away from the police for many years,how would you handle yourself what are some strategies would you use to survive?would you rob to survive or would you kill to survive?.The whole purpose of my research paper is to make my readers understand how Bonnie and Clyde became this magnificent story about two couples causing trouble throughout the United States and making trouble with the police and making sure that they killed a lot of people would try to basically come in their way of getting what they wanted and this is what I want people to understand why we doing my research paper because he's an important things to know how did they become how did they start becoming this Infamous gangsters today and I've been that has been told throughout the United States history people are really interested to know how did they become one of the most infamous gangsters today and back then. Historical Information
Bonnie Background: Bonnie Elizabeth Parker was born in Rowena Texas in the year of 1910. Bonnie grew with her mother Emma Charles Parker, her father died at when she was at the age of
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In an article about Bonnie and Clyde by Jennifer Rosenberg, a journalist for, states that Bonnie and Clyde went throughout the United States stealing things that were very valuable including cars, license plate plant and things like money from the local banks(Rosenberg). Bonnie and Clyde along with their gangs took things like License plates so that when the Police are looking for them, Clyde and his brother are usually the ones that handles all the stealing and all the robbing from other fellow
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