Bonnie And Clyde Story

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When it comes to gangster couples, none could ever surpass the popularity of the infamous Bonnie and Clyde. All throughout pop culture, the media has often romanticize and glamorize the story of these two criminals who made a name through their violent robbery and killing sprees during the Great Depression. Although the couple was a part of a larger gang, it was Bonnie’s and Clyde’s story that captured the world’s attention.

Born on October 1, 1910, in Rowena, Texas, Bonnie got married at the tender age of 16 to Roy Thornton. However, it was short-lived and less than three years after their union, they separated ways. They never divorced even when Bonnie was already traveling with Clyde.

The other half of the duo was Clyde, who was born on
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The police did not immediately identify the groups as outlaws, but rather, a bunch of wild, alcohol-fueled individuals who were causing trouble in their vicinity. Add to that, Clyde accidentally discharged a Browning Automatic Rifle. It triggered suspicions and the neighbors informed the Joplin Police District. The five-man team of policemen confronted the group on April 13 and Clyde killed Detective McGinnis and wounded the constable. They flew from the scene but left a trail of personal belongings behind them, including rolls of undeveloped films. When the photos came out, the criminals’ faces were published in the American newspapers. They became known as the “Barrow Gang.”

For several months, the gang continued to rob banks, steal cars and even kidnapped two of their robbery victims. Their exploits became known in the country as a cold-blooded group with no qualms in killing anyone who got in their way. As their notoriety became known, the group became restless, they were always on the run, and they found it difficult to live without being discovered. In June of that year, while on a trip to Wellington, Texas, the group encountered a car accident where Bonnie sustained third-degree burns on her right
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