The Tallis Narrative

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The Tallis Narrative When Marie and Montell Tallis decided to plan their family, they thought two boys and two girls would be the idea number of children to round out their family. First came Bonnie, a sweet and precocious little girl and the apple of her parents ' eyes. Two years later, they decided that the time was right for a second child, but alas, no pregnancy. The passing of two more years led Bonnie Tallis, now four-years-old, to take her mother aside after a play date with a five-year-old playmate to tell her that she had it on good authority that she had this pregnancy thing all wrong. She said that her friend 's older brother told them that if a lady wanted to have a baby, all she would have to do is to swallow a watermelon…show more content…
The first time her mother told her that a baby was in her stomach, Bonnie was so excited thinking that her baby sister was finally on her way. To her dismay, the baby she got was the brother that she never wanted. She cried and pouted that night and went to bed angry. In the coming year, another birth resulted in another yucky brother, and she shed more than a few tears. With time, Bonnie got use to her two brothers, even to love them, but they were very different from girls. She was seven years old when her mother told her that she was pregnant once again. Bonnie showed no excitement at the news because she believed that it was just going to be another clunky brother. Imagine her joy when her mother arrived home and placed her baby sister, Laura May, in her lap. She fell madly in love! The nearly eight-year difference never phased her. Laura May was her baby, and she let everyone know…show more content…
The two met during the talent portion of the Octoberfest celebration on post. Maurice signed him and his sister up to perform the famous Abbott and Costello, Who’s on First comedy routine. Samuel Richardson signed up to sing Sly Stone 's, Family Affair. Both acts lost out to a ten-year-old organist singing Ray Charles ' version of Georgia on My Mind with great emotion and showmanship. Bonnie suggested that they take the sting out of losing to a pre-pubescent by taking solace in a beer and pommes frites. This led to a very enjoyable 'get to know you ' conversation. They spent the rest of the evening together planning to meet the next day for lunch and a lovely leisurely stroll through one of Germany 's beautiful garden
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