Bonobo Research Paper

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Mariah Rocole
Endangered Species Today, 17,000 species are threatened to become extinct. The Pan paniscus more commonly known as the Bonobo, is an endangered species from the African continent. The Bonobo lives in the Congo Basin in Africa. There are only between about 10,000 and 50,000 bonobos left in the world. Bonobos can grow up to 35 inches tall and about 86 pounds. One of the Bonobos closest relative is the Homo sapiens, sharing about 98.7 percent of DNA with each other. The bonobos closest relative is the chimpanzee. The bonobo was known as the pigmy chimpanzee until 1929. Today, the chimpanzee population is still very high, unlike the bonobos. There are many reasons, and speculations as to why the bonobo species is

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