Bono's Second Challenge Speech Analysis

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The content of Bono 's speech can be summarised into very few words as he 's very long-winded. He primarily challenges the graduating students of the University of Pennsylvania to challenge the status quo, to be unsatisfied with things as they are. He makes a comparison between modern injustices and abhorrent practices such as slavery and racial segregation. He also implies that the modern vices of global human society will be seen as being as atrocious as slavery in the future.
Bono 's second challenge to the graduates is to make something of their pockets full of knowledge as he puts it. He implores them to make something concrete and worthwhile out of both their moral and intellectual capital. This links back to the first challenge I mentioned
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For one to suggest anything other than its magnificence is sacrilege to some and can be met with accusations of "socialist!!"(a pejorative, thank you Red Scare) and "communist!". Indeed, for some Americans the capitalist system is the defining factor of their "freedom". Under this system, education has become something to be purchased. I 'm well aware of the tuition fees in our state, but if you compare Europe to the USA, you will see drastic differences in third-level education. In Europe, fees are barely a fraction of what they are in the US. University in Ireland for example would be €3,000 per year, to as little as $9,139 for state residents at public colleges, $22,958 for out-of-state attendance and as much as $31,231 for private colleges.( This is an average, stats gotten from a quick google: This is quite the difference in ideology, even moreso when you consider that some European states, such as Norway and Sweden, have no tuition fees whatsoever, be they native or foreigner. Education has become a commodified, and ideas a commodity. This is what I garner from thinking about Bono 's observation. The way it 's said is as if universities have become stock exchanges in a free market idea economy. This is capitalism
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