Bono's Speech In America

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The content of Bono 's speech can be summarised into very few words as he 's very long-winded. He primarily challenges the graduating students of the University of Pennsylvania to challenge the status quo, to be unsatisfied with things as they are. He makes a comparison between modern injustices and abhorrent practices such as slavery and racial segregation. He also implies that the modern vices of global human society will be seen as being as atrocious as slavery in the future.
Bono 's second challenge to the graduates is to make something of their pockets full of knowledge as he puts it. He implores them to make something concrete and worthwhile out of both their moral and intellectual capital. This links back to the first challenge I
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Bono 's second observation is one of morality. He presents the case that those remembered as being the righteous agents of good of their time unanimously go against the flow of society. He references practices such as slavery and racial segregation in order to make his point. He mentions Benjamin Franklin, however fails to mention that he infact was a slaveholder and only freed his slaves on his deathbed, never truly seeing the practice as what it was. He may be factually incorrect, but his point still holds true under the light of analysis. "Betraying the age" has happened for millenia and mostly good has come of it. Great men such as Abraham Lincoln were polarising figures in their day, but have very few critics in modernity. A hundred years after the Civil War and the USA was a polarised place once again; it wasn 't such an alien idea to want an all-white neighbourhood and their children to go to school with only other white kids. Senators such as Richard Russel Jr., surprisingly a member of the Democratic party, was a segregationist and used the method of filibustering in attempt to stop the civil rights act of 1964. True, there are still those who claim that because it 's their heritage, the Jim Crow laws are somehow benign. You 'll find that these are the same people who fly the Confederate Flag with pride, although ultimately a minority. Other great men who went against the status quo in their time have to be scientists such as Copernicus and Galileo Galilei. While it 's popularly believed that they were forerunners in the idea of a round earth, this is simply not true. Pythagoras, an Ionian greek philosopher and mathematician first came up with the idea in the 6th century BCE, and the circumfrence of the earth was calculated by Eratosthenes in Alexandria around 240 BCE. What these men did do, however, was fight the church in their belief that the earth was the centre of the universe, arguing that we are not infact the centre of existence, not even
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