Bonzo, Her Dirty, Grey, Stuffed Rabbit Analysis

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Olive is a 7 year old girl and like most young children she has her own security. This security for her is "Bonzo, her dirty, grey, stuffed rabbit" (page 9). This shows that Olive is a wolf and she 's hunting for Bonzo because Bonzo is a rabbit and wolves hunt rabbits. Because she has hunted her and gotten her prey she happy and innocent. She never wants to leave Bonzo alone she always has to have Bonzo this shows that this is her rabbit and no one else 's. On page 14 Dad got angry when olive called him the evil wolf Maurgrim from the lion, the witch and the wardrobe so he put Bonzo away for a week. He was using his bad wolf like he usually does and hunts for Bonzo. This is where Dad is a wolf and is hunting for Olive because Olive was being mean to him so he fights her.…show more content…
He is smiling and and happy. The rabbit looked at him, still, and then skittered away when Ben tried to move closer to the rabbit. The rabbit was scared of Ben meaning that Ben was a wolf and was scaring the rabbit away but he was using his good wolf because he was
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