Who Is Scout Finch In Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

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“Our Mother died when I was two, so I never felt her absences.” In the beginning of Harper Lee’s Novel To Kill a Mockingbird a young girl named Scout portrays a character like no other. Scout plays a cheery, imaginative, curious, tough, and a bit of a tomboy at the same time sort of character. She lives in the small town of Maycomb, Alabama with her older brother and father, but no mother. Having no major female influence in her life, other than their housekeeper/caregiver Scout had a close relationship with her brother and preferred to run around on the dirt roads, climb trees and do just about anything that the average little boy enjoyed doing instead or acting more like a girl. She lacks the understanding of southern edict and tends to get …show more content…

Finding strange objects in the tree anterior of Boo Radely’s home could be an expectable instance to show Scout’s growing curiosity. When she discovers the first object in the tree, gum, she is quite confused but goes to retrieve it anyway. When she removes the gum from the tree, her first impulse is to devour it but then she realizes where it came from. “My first impulse was to get it into my mouth as quickly as possible, but then I remembered where it was.” But soon her curiosity takes over and she licks the gum. Recognizing that it didn’t kill her, she begins to chew on the delightful treat. During the rest of the novel one will examine that Scout’s curiosity will grow significantly and will stick her in some rough …show more content…

You were so busy looking at the fire you didn’t know it when he put the blanket around you.” Scout tends to get caught up in the moment and normally ignores and information going on around her. Even though Scout had been anxious to learn about Boo Radley, she paid more attention to the commotion going on during the fire and refused to examine anything else around her. In the book, this particular characteristic emerges in almost everything any act she preforms. For instance, when her cousin insults her father she does not think about how her actions will affect herself and only thinks about revenge. Due to that characteristic, Scout drives her fist into her cousin’s teeth, which lands her in

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