Boo Radley Character Analysis

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The relationship between Boo and the children change through the course of the novel. At first, the kids both think that Boo is a terrible monster and prisoner inside his own home. The children believe everything that the town said about Boo Radley and his Family, they think Boo is a monster because he kill his father and he never get out of his house, because he is like prisoner in his own house. Childhood is the most important reason why the children didn’t understand the situation of Boo Radley in the novel, that’s why as they started to growing up they understand the discrimination and the lack of respect that people have just for their race. People talk so bad about Boo Radley and this make the children have a bad perspective about him and be afraid of him. The innocence of the children leads them to believe what people said and be part of the prejudice that is created on Maycomb just for races. In addition those are just myths that people create because as children Boo was respectful and kindness but then people never see him again, but the innocence of the children was real that they get to scared with the idea of met Boo Radley, but as the novel get moving the children start to realize the prejudice and the reason why Boo doesn’t want to get out of his house, and the end of the novel he save the Jem from Bob Ewell, and the children realize Boo has been every time watching them, because he felt connected with them. Prejudice in Maycomb is very
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