Boo Radley Figurative Language

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Abbasi 1
Hasan Abbasi
English 1 H Period.6
5 March 2017

The Portrayal of Boo Radley through Figurative Language To Kill a Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee, portrays groups of people rejected from all aspects of society, and their struggles to live a normal life. Boo Radley, a man neglected from society primarily because of his past, is regarded as a social pariah. He is the subject of harassment by the townsfolk, especially by Scout and Jem Finch, the protagonists of the novel. Additionally, he is depicted as the scapegoat of the town, receiving blame for the many misfortunate events in the town. Harper Lee uses similes to highlight Boo’s isolation from the outside world and uses metaphors to stress Boo’s image as a diabolical
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