Boo Radley Monologue Analysis

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The day that Arthur came here was the day it all went south. Most people in Maycomb thought he was an okay guy, but they only saw him on the outside. I could see right through his skin and right to his heart. It was very little and had no love in it. Everyone in Maycomb knew about me, I was Boo Radley, psychopath, and certifiably insane man who was trapped in this house for the rest of my life. But no one really knew me. I wasn’t all that bad. I just had a tendency to overreact and get mad. All of the drama started after I was locked up in here, then everybody was scared. No one gave me a chance after my mistakes, everybody turned their backs. After that, Boo lost all contact with the outside world. The only information he got about it was
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