Boo Radley Quotes Analysis

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In the beginning of the book, Jem has a prejudice against Arthur/Boo Radley. Jem and his friend Dill, would make up stories about Boo eating cats, stabbing people with scissors and being a “monster” even though they have never met him before. In chapter 7, Jem goes into Arthur Radley’s backyard to spy on him, but then losses his pants. When he goes back later to retrieve his breeches, they are folded over the fence. Jem thinks that Boo left them for him because they were sewn together “all crooked.” This evidence might prove that Boo isn’t crazy or a monster. Has his father made him stay in the house? Why won’t he come outside? I believe that Arthur is a kind person and he will come out of his house later in the story. This quote was made to
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