Boo Radley's Argument

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A nive child, thrust into adulthood. Scout, at the start of the book is childish and innocent. But, as the book and the trial progress, she begins to see her town and the people in it for what they are. The trial pushed her out of her childhood and into the world of adults. Tom Robinson- An innocent man shattered by evil. Tom Robinson only went on to Ewell property to help Mayla. He had no malicious intent and was known to many as a kind, thoughtful man. But, because of the evil of the Ewells and racism, he lost his life for a crime he did not commit. Ewell- A malevolent man, protected by privilege. Bob Ewell is known to be a lazy alcoholic who abuses his children. Although he is known to Maycomb as “trash” his word is still taken above that of an innocent black man. The privilege that the color of his skin provides him gives him protection from the punishments he deserves.…show more content…
As the phantom of Maycomb, he is constantly labeled as an unstable, dangerous man. Not many people in Maycomb know him yet they made many assumptions about him. As Scout and Jem find out, their assumptions were inaccurate. In reality, he was incredibly
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