Boo Radley's Growth In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Scout definitely has demonstrated growth throughout the book; she has realized that not everyone comprehends situations like her. She started off in the book with a very liberal, non-prejudiced thought process, and clutched onto it throughout the narrated moments of her life. Her, Dill, and Jem were always mesmerized by Boo Radley’s existence, and did the best they could in order to see him. Scout and the other children had heard stories about Boo throughout their entire childhoods; how he was bizarre, not the safest man in the world, but for some reason she was not comfortable with this idea. Call it curiosity, or label it as boredom, she was determined to meet Boo Radley. After a series of unfortunate events regarding social injustices, Scout…show more content…
The story starts off at my work, where I realized I wanted to “see” the world through my coworker’s eyes. My coworker’s parents are very conservative, and I had never realized until now that her parents and my parents are indeed, very different. She has to live with a long list of rules over her head, while I have a good amount of freedom and can do whatever I please. Everything my coworker does has to go through her parents, whereas mine trust me enough to know that I am able to handle whatever decision I make. No, I am not saying that she is not mature nor am I saying that she is not trustworthy, but I am saying that the mentality of our parents is so different, it is insane. I also do not conclude that her parents are “crazy” nor are my parents exactly “normal”, but one definitely can learn about oneself by observing others, like I did. I realized that although we all live in the same area, have the same ancestors, we are indeed two different chapters of one book. She probably has never imagined a life like mine, and for sure I have not dreamt of a life like hers. I now understand how Scout feels, however probably not too well considering my life does not engage in violence nor does it revolve around segregation. However, I know that Scout was probably confused on why everyone was so different from her, and at one point she must have felt like
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