Boo Radley's Narrative

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The night lit up showering the sky with yellow and orange brilliance. The crackling sound of bursting wood filled the air, above which the wail of the sirens was barely audible. The heat of the flames fought anyone that tried to subdue it, and the firefighters fought back with the same intensity. Boo Radley was tired of being cooped up inside all day and night. The cold snap brought to maycomb that season made it even harder for Boo to escape being trapped in his house so he had become especially anxious. Boo was known for causing mischief in the town. Some of his antics included peeping in windows, destroying plants and even killing, and eating squirrels, and rabbits. This night was different however. Boo, feeling rather antsy, decided he…show more content…
Boo then remembered conveniently that that was the day his father had to go to the grocery store. So he took this possibly his only opportunity and grabbed the matches. While his father was gone boo started to think of what he wanted to do with the firecrackers and who exactly he wanted to play the prank on. He decided Miss Maudie would be his unwilling victim and that he would aim his noisy attack towards her beloved plants. Now all he had to do was wait for night and for his father to fall asleep. Boo was nervous even though he hadn’t worked with fireworks before he knew how to light them he was just scared he may endanger himself in some way not giving a single thought to the fact that he may be endangering others around him. He pushed the thought from his head however because it was nearly ten o’clock, and that was the time his father typically went to bed. He crept down the hall towards his fathers bedroom to hear for the snores that would indicate his fathers deep slumber. Reaching the door he heard the saw like buzz of his fathers snore and continued down the stairs and out the door. As soon…show more content…
It ain’t time to worry yet.” Realizing that the fire had spread to the finches house Boo felt guilt flood his entire body. Trying to do something to ease his guilt in any way Boo grabbed a brown blanket, went out the back of his house, and made his way to the front making sure not be seen. He then placed the blanket on scouts shoulders knowing that the cold air was getting to her and then went quickly back into his house. Boo got no sleep that night the guilt kept him wide awake and it would never leave
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