Boo Radley's Reputation In To Kill A Mockingbird

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“You can't really get to know a person until you get in their shoes and walk around in them.” (Harper Lee) In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Boo Radley sheds his reputation as a freak and forges a strong friendship with the Finch children. Initially, Boo is seen as an invisible monster by the Finch children largely because of rumors spread around Maycomb County. Over the course of time, however, Scout and Jem begin to understand Boo and learn that appearances are not always what they seem. Through various events and circumstances, Boo Radley’s real persona as a kind, thoughtful and courageous person is revealed, as he and the Finch children develop a special friendship. Rumors, especially untrue ones, can destroy a person from the inside out.…show more content…
His fingers found the front doorknob. He gently released my hand, opened the door, went inside, and shut the door behind him. I never saw him again. Neighbors bring food with death and flowers with sickness and little things in between. Boo was our neighbor. He gave us two soap dolls, a broken watch and chain, a pair of good luck pennies, and our lives. But Neighbors give in return. We never put back into the tree what we took out of it; we had given him nothing and it made me sad. (Lee 320). Scout also likely felt sad because she criticized and mocked him before she really got to know him. Jem and Scout discovered Boo was misunderstood, as he was gentle, shy, kind, and courageous. Boo was their good friend. “Most people are [nice], Scout, when you finally see them.” (Lee 323). Boo Radley was portrayed as a reclusive freak by the town of Maycomb. The foolish curiosity about this invisible monster led Jem and Scout to discover that Boo was not a monster at all. Once they finally saw him, Scout and Jem realized he was kind and courageous. The relationship between Boo Radley and the Finch children that was once nonexistent developed into a wonderful

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