Booing In Australian Rules Football

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The aim of this reports was to investigate the guiding question of ‘Should ‘booing’ be socially accepted in Australian Rules Football.’ The recent ‘booing’ saga circulating around AFL player Adam Goode’s has brought a lot of controversy over the topic of is ‘booing’ racist. Booing is defined as ‘a sound uttered to show contempt, scorn, or disapproval.’ There has been much controversy as to whether or not booing at certain events is racists. This includes the recent booing of Adam Goode’s, Serena Williams at Wimbledon, and the booing of Russia at the 2015 Eurovision. There are rules and regulations that everyone should follow including the Australia Football League’s (AFL) Anti-harassment regulations, and the AFL’s code of conduct.
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As one would, it makes them feel discriminated against. An accusation of racism is a serious allegation, therefore should not be wielded lightly such an assertion has the prospective to cause inordinate offense. Over the last couple of weeks, the Adam Goodes ‘booing’ situation has cause much offense and hurt to AFL great, compelling one of the champions of AFL to the periphery of retirement. It has been concluded that the ‘booing’ began when Goodes pointed out a thirteen year old girl from the crowd who called Goodes an ‘ape’, referring to his indigenous background. Consequently, ever since, Goodes was booed and classed as an ‘idiot’. Recently Goodes has been booed after performing a traditional Aboriginal war cry after scoring a goal. Goode’s preformed his ‘dance’ in the Indigenous round the AFL dedicated towards recognising the 10% of AFL players of Aboriginal descent (AFL, 2015). An Aboriginal elder, known as ‘Turtle’ states that the dance means “a welcome dance, and also a respect dance. I am who I am. Please bring it on. This is me, this is my culture, and this is who I am” (ABC News, 2015). An outrage football fan, Charles Martin, spoke his mind on Facebook soon after the event took place. Martin made the following statement which received over two-thousand likes, “Apparently he has also has no right to celebrate a goal by doing an Aboriginal war dance during an AFL indigenous round.” Martin then when on to express his feelings towards Adam’s recent Australian of the year award. "And as Australian of the Year he has no right to educate people (white and black) on why the Aborigines call Australia Day "Invasion Day" and tell the truth about Australia 's dark history which is obviously taboo to talk about as the truth obviously upsets some Australians?" (Martin, 2015). Media commentators, coaches and other AFL players have branded the publics actions as “racist and appalling”. Australia’s Race Discrimination
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