Boojum Pest Analysis

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In order for us to assess the key market trends which affect Boojum’s external environment, we will use PEST analysis to look at the Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors which play a part in how they conduct business . Using this information we will then assess and prioritise the key market trends as discussed in this report.

Political Factors

Due to the fact that Boojum is a fast food restaurant and is serving food it is important that they pay close attention to government regulations regarding employee hygiene, food and food standards. Although they are not an international company, they are based in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, both of which have different regulations regarding these points. They
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Boojum should consider generational shifts and their related technological expectations and how this will affect how people use their product and how it is delivered to them. The Irish Examiner released an article in 2013 about Ireland’s technology use and they stated that “The importance of retailers having an online presence was also highlighted, with 44% of the people surveyed logging on to do their shopping”. We can be almost sure that this percentage has risen since then and this just goes to show how important it is for Boojum to have an online presence. Although they do have Facebook and Twitter pages for each of their stores they do not yet have a delivery system in place, they cannot be found on any of the major delivery system platforms such as Just-Eat even though some of their competitors such as their rivals Tolteca are. This is something they need to address when moving forward and they should be investing time and money into their social media advertising, especially due to the fact that their product tends to target a younger…show more content…
They have food items that could be easily tweaked to fit most eaters, rather than just “normal” eaters, thus giving them a huge advantage over their competitors, as well as drive customers into their restaurant which increases profit at the process. Bread, meat, rice, cheese, sour cream and flour are all key food items used by Boojum to serve different meals. From our research, we ascertain that the bread was plain white, real meat, white rice, no different choices of cheese, and a sour cream that is high in Fat. These foods do not appeal to vegetarians, gluten free customers, dieters, whole-wheat /wholemeal and healthy eaters. They should create different choices where customers can choose their desired meal based on their eating habits, health conditions and

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