Book Analysis Of William Faulkner's Intruder In The Dust

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Joe Kaestner Mrs. Wescott English 8H 4A January 12, 2018 Book Report 3 “Some things you must always be unable to bear. Some things you must never stop refusing to bear.” Chicks’s clever and intelligent uncle gave sage wisdom, which is prevalent in William Faulkner’s famed masterpiece, to Chick after the horrid events over the past week that had almost wrongfully lynched a black man. Intruder in the Dust, set in the 1940’s, teaches valuable lessons about racial equality to readers in present times by imaginary time travel with its artistic writing. Intruder in the Dust presents an interesting and ever twisting plot that keeps the reader on its toes while displaying eloquent pieces of Faulkner’s grand craftsmanship. Intruder in the Dust far…show more content…
Intruder in the dust contains a distinct and ever changing plot that shifts throughout the story. This is prevalent, especially, when the band of justice-promoting civilians find Crawford Gowrie’s grave switched by his murderous brother. The novel also contains important morals that can empower the movie’s emotion and sentiment with the depiction of racial equality. Call of the Wild, differently, gives minuscule background, about two pages at the start of the book, to Buck, the main character, and it is hard to understand the situation in which he came from. Intruder in the Dust makes a great movie with it’s constant sense of mystery. Also, the tension in Intruder in the Dust keeps the moviegoer on their toes and guessing throughout the entirety. Separately, Call of the Wild is predictable and one can find himself disappointed when he discovers his previous theories about the conclusion of the book correct. Call of the Wild is Historically inaccurate, having been written from thousands of miles away from the setting of the story. Although Jack London described the scenery of Alaska and Canada correctly, he did not know that Saint Bernards are not a sled-pulling breed. Buck, the main character, was a Saint Bernard and that small detail is crucial to having an efficient mushing team. Intruder in the Dust, on the other hand, describes the culture perfectly with strong racial tension…show more content…
Intruder in the Dust challenges student’s reading comprehension with eloquent and intelligent writing. Intruder in the Dust puts scholar’s vocabulary to the test, with words like “insomnambulism.” Opposingly, Call of the Wild does not compare in a challenge of reading comprehension. The story is full to the brim of slang and profanity, especially in Francois’s, one of Buck’s many owners, dialogue, “Dat Buck, heem pool lak h—.” Intruder in the Dust contains significant dynamic characters, swayed by the kind acts of others. An example of this is Lucas’s grateful act of giving Miss Habersham a rose after she helped protect Lucas’s guiltlessness. Call of the Wild presented Buck’s static nature when he resorted to his wild and king-like attitude. Also, Call of the Wild showed poor responsibility. Countless times throughout the book Buck had to be put in his place when he opposed the leadership of Perrault or Francois. Intruder in the dust, on the other hand, shows civil responsibility. Lucas fished Chick from his doom in the frozen creek, and Chick showed responsibility when he proved Lucas free from charge. Teachers approve Call of the Wild less than they approved Intruder in the

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