Character Analysis: Elementalist Eclipse

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Elementalist Eclipse Chapter 1: One Day He Will Become a Demon “The Elementalists are a dying breed, Satoshi-kun,” Akiko Hiroyuki said while she worked at the loom. Satoshi often loved to watch his mother weave brilliant colors of cloth and silk, her slender fingers dancing among the threads. “That is because mankind is losing touch with spirits and the gods. What will become of this world, as mankind continues to build his structures of steel and his weapons of destruction? The land is becoming choked with smoke. I tried to divine through the wind, though I find I can no longer hear the wind spirits.” Satoshi cocked his head to the side and frowned upon his mother’s words. He understood Elemetnalists were highly sensitive to the supernatural and heard the voices of wind spirits like his mother or summoned shikigami to come to their aid. His mother told him his father was a legendary Elementalist who defied death three times, though he disappeared for reasons unknown. Perhaps death finally caught up with him, as it always did. No one, not even the…show more content…
“You’ve been taught well, Satoshi-kun. Anyway, what do you notice about the feng shui of the Hiroyuki grounds?” Satoshi closed his eyes for a moment, taking a moment to breathe in the air and concentrate on the auras that he felt emanating from the plants in the garden. The plants themselves were full of rich giving qi, which was spiritual energy within the fertile country of Jipangu, and Satoshi could feel the effects of sunlight upon the plants and how it filled the greenery and flowers with vibrant life. Yet he could also sense something else in the air, a faint trace of something that was like a slightly unpleasant odor. It was as his mother said—mankind’s developing of new technology led to smoke and pollution in the air that muffled the plants natural qi giving properties and interfered with the perfect balance of feng
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