Ghost Night Analysis

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Mistress Day – Ghost Night It is just about 9 months and 3 weeks after Olando move from the village to join his uncle in the semi urban city. He is not fully accustomed to the norms and culture his new town, he certainly is learning to speak English, except for his uncle and the wife, Olando could barely find someone to talk with, he in deed prefer to speak his dialect Ukwuani, but the new challenge has to be conquered. He is short, thick, and cute, with spacious set of teeth, bowlegs, walks with bold steps. Olando though tender in age, admired by every young teenager girls around but unfortunately he seems to be too religious and tends to ignore every onlooker subconsciously. He has just been enrolled in the secondary school, but that appeared to be a nightmare, Olando could not find a single Ukwuani speaker in his class to interact with, not even in the entire school, all subjects are taught with English language and he must join to learn. One early Monday morning, as Olando resumed morning class as usual, he thought to himself, “I must find a beginning point in my life rather than living a miserable kind of…show more content…
Intermittently, he remembered the cold-war that transpired in the class as the daylight gradually ushered the night in. exactly when the dark has completely taken over the day, about 9 pm at home, Olando stepped out of the room through a passage door that leads to the back of the building, where all the mothers and young girls are presently cooking in a public semi-detached structure constructed with bamboo and raffia palm fronds. Olando walked passed them towards the bathroom where he wanted to unzip his trousers, he was very pressed and if not quick enough, may urinate no his body, as he fix his arms to the zip, he remembered again the presence of Dr. Julie, the headmistress in the class, as he consequently look straight into the dark in front scanning the area for security
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