Book Analysis: The Book Thief

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Quiñano, Julianne Grace D. November 13, 2015 BSP 201A Literature 1 Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing (Proverbs 12:18). This passage from the Holy Bible is never wrong because ever since God created the universe and until know, all human beings have already experienced being hurt with the words that were thrown to us. Words are powerful that it can cause big changes in anyone’s life. As I read the bestselling novel of Markus Zusak entitled The Book Thief, aside from realizing how powerful words are, I realized also that being an author of a book is strenuous. It requires creativity, lots of courage, perseverance and of course experiences. Also, authors around the planet have different…show more content…
Hans Hubermann helped him because Max’s father, Erik Vandenburg is the reason why Hans is still alive. He gave his life in order to save Hans from dying during the First World War. In order to give back, he helped Max hide from the Nazis. Hans is indeed has a brave soul because that time, a German hiding a Jewish person in his home is a mortal sin. It is the most hazardous thing to do. Punishments and consequences are frightening. Liesel and Max became friends as he hid at the basement of the Hubermann’s…show more content…
They passed through Molching as they were going to a camp nearby, camp Dachau. There was this old Jew man who stumbled for several times while walking. Soldiers won’t let him rest. Maybe he’s hungry, tired or thirsty. He looked like anytime he will die. But Hans saw the old man and he couldn’t resist seeing him like that. He immediately took bread from his paint cart and gave it to the old dying man. He fell on his knees and thanked Hans. Unfortunately, a soldier saw that incident. He took his belt and whipped the old man six times and afterwards Hans was whipped as well (chap 54). After what happened, Hans was desperately scared that Max would be searched in his house. So he urgently sent Max away that night. Yet, his house was never searched. Hans got a letter from the Nazi that his application to the party has got accepted. But, after a few days a letter came again saying that he will leave Molching and will be drafted to the German army together with Alex Steiner, Rudy’s father. (chap
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