Book Analysis: The Day I Became Black

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Task 1
I found the texts about people confronting others with their ethnicity very interesting. I thought the text “The day I Became Black” was very interesting. This person from the Netherlands was looked upon as white and sometimes teased because his name was spelt in another way than it usually is. When he said that he was partly black, the students treated him in a different manor . They did not know that he was black because their school was located by the beach and everyone had a deep tan. I thought that this was an interesting text, because it shows us the differences between how people treat black people, and how people treat white people. I think that it portraits that white people still think of themselves as superior even though the civil rights movement is over and people should
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In some cultures, your name has a meaning. What I mean by this is that your name explains something about you, or maybe something the family saw when you were conceived. In some Native American cultures names will be decided the moment you have been conceived. An example can be that if the mother or father sees a wolf walking alone without its pack, the child might be named “Lone Wolf”. These names are starting to get more popular at the time especially among Native American tribes. I know that these names are very important to some Native Americans. I know that a family from the Kiowa tribe think that this is very important. They give the newborn child a Native American name and an American name. A Native American Kiowa woman is called “Ahaun Tone Gope”, which means “Struck across the forehead with a hatchet by the enemy”. The name describes an incident the grandmother witnessed during a battle with the “Sioux” tribe. Her American name is Randi Sunray. She has also given her children Native American names. The names are filled with meaning and they powerfully send out a message about their Native American

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