Hunting Day Essay

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The perfect hunting day is a cold one with fresh powder on the ground to track the deer after they shot one. Food is a must when going out in the woods for a long time. As are blankets being that the cold weather will get to you. Throughout this story, the author, Tobias Wolff, describes the realistic struggles every hunter goes through throughout the day, and other challenges they face on their adventure.
The weather was cold being he was outside for an hour, feet nearly frozen. Snow was falling he was waiting on the curb for his friend to come pick him up, so they could go hunting. His friends, name is Kenny. When Kenny approached the curb, he drifted as Tub was watching the truck ran over the curve which made Tub scared as he fell to the
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For some hunters this statement is true; the men didn’t se a deer for two years, so they moved around a lot to see if their luck could improve. The typical bickering happens between men. After climbing a fence, they got to their place where they sat for two hours. Yet again, they saw nothing. Lunch was held by the creek where they talked about Tub’s diet, which he hates like every other human in the world. Once again, a joke was made about Tub and resulted in Kenny slapping his knee in laughter. He states that his cause for his weight gain is in his glands, me interpreting this thinks he means his thyroid. Then, there was something they haven’t seen in so long, tracks. The tracks led over another fence which was right next to a no hunting sign. Of course, the deer go into the place where they cannot hunt. Its approaching night time, which means times to head back to the truck and home. Tub was falling behind Kenny and Frank, taking his time to eat then crossing the last fence. Again, another joke was played on Tub, the truck started to drive away without him. They got permission to hunt on the farmers land. They finally lost the tracks and Kenny threw a fit since he wanted to shoot one so bad. The anger in Kenny came out, and this is where they had to face some difficult
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