Agatha Christie's 'The Thoreau Express'

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The Thoreau Express.

“The impossible could not have happened; therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances.” James shut the Orient Express-Agatha Christie book with satisfaction.
He was wondering how Agatha thought of her mystery plot without any experience of the incident. He somewhere read that Agatha wrote his book from the ending to the starting, that’s odd. But he didn’t know what laid ahead for him. It was even odder than Agatha’s books.
James Macgarett was an orphan. His parents had died in an accident when he was just 6. He had a sharp mind and like his father he wanted to excel as a detective. He was just 17 but had solved many cases but he was not so much famous like his Father’s friend, the renowned
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James was happy seeing her but didn’t demonstrate it rather he replied to her in a rusty manner.
Rachel whined and said “Here are the tickets of the Mystery train you wanted to go on. For you and Proffessor”
A blissful grin came to James lips and he involuntarily hugged Rachel and then quickly retorted back.
They were both looking at each other with uneasiness when Professor entered and they hastily looked away from each other.
“What’s the matter?”Professor questioned.
“See what Rachel has bought for us” James said delightedly showing the two tickets to the Professor he continued, “They are tickets to the Thoreau Express. You know I have been trying to get it for days but no luck. But where did you find them and extras for just US.” He said the word pressingly.
Rachel sniffed and said, “They are not extras. Elena Thoreau the daughter of Dominique Thoreau who runs this express is one of my closest friends she asked me how many tickets I wanted and I bought these for especially you—two.” She said after a seconds pause.
After Rachel’s departure the two men went to their rooms to pack their luggage. Surprisingly it was James who came out first he was in high spirits for this
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The train fizzed past the station like a bullet.
“It would be fun to see the mystery terminal” said Professor.
“It’s Louisville” bragged James “if you check all the train schedules on internet you will see the Louisville train which runs from here usually at noon is cancelled. It was simple.”
“I was so excited to reach the mystery terminal and this guy comes and ruins it” murmured Professor to himself.
“What interests me is the quiz that takes place on board they say that they choose a victim and a murderer from the passengers and the rest becomes the detectives now they have to catch the murderer before the train arrives at Louisville” continued James.
When someone knocked their door they assumed it was Rachel but when they opened the door there was no one present instead there was an envelope kept on the ground.
The envelope was sealed. James opened it and found a letter which he read to Professor the letter said:-

Congratulation passenger of car 6 cabin B,
You have been selected to play the role of detective at this express. An incident will occur in a short time in car 7 cabin B
You have to investigate the incident and then
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