Book Analysis: Touching Spirit Bear

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Cole is a 15-year old that trusts no one and no one trusts him. He feels like everyone needs to fear him because he thinks that everyone is out to get him. He thinks everyone in his town is against anything he does. He has gone to juvie many times and is just trying to get out of going to real jail. His dad beats him and his mom does not care about him she just cares about her reputation as a wealthy woman. Will Cole change his ways. Relationships that Changed Cole. Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen.The book is about a 15-year-old boy that is named Cole he cares for no one and he thinks everyone hates him. He is wrong though Garvey Edwin and Peter may be able to help him. Cole had no relationships that could help him; Peter, Edwin, and…show more content…
By coming to the island and when Peter beat up Cole at the pond when Peter and Cole forgive each other and see the spirit bear. Peter was trying to commit suicide and Cole did not know what to put at the bottom of his totem, the only way he could move on as if he helped Peter. "'Because the dance of anger taught me I can't heal until I help Peter heal. He is the one I hurt'"(257). Cole is healing but the only true way to help himself change is to help Peter heal with him. He hurt Peter not just physically he hurt him mentally and emotionally Cole know that the only way to help him is to bring him to the island and show Peter ways to release his anger and help Peter get on the right track again. Later in the year, Peter feels confident enough to go to the pond with Cole alone. They have not made amends yet and Peter picks on Cole when Garvey is gone when they arrive at the pond Peter starts beating Cole up and after a little Peter falls to his knees in tears. And Cole goes over to Peter and comforts him when they see the spirit bear together. "'This morning when we forgive each other we also forgave ourselves.' He said. 'We allowed ourselves to become apart of the big circle that's why we saw the Spirit Bear'"(286). Since they forgave each other Cole and Peter were able to change. And it also shows that they may be able to become friends after because they both know they had forgiven each other since they saw the bear…show more content…
Cole, Edwin, and Garvey were sitting around the campfire after Cole made Garvey a hot dog so Garvey took the time to "Garvey nodded 'yes it was a big deal. It was a was sharing and a celebration. All because that's what I made it Yous was just food because that's what you made it'"(166). Cole realized that life is what you make it like the hot dog, Garvey chooses to share his and have a feast. Cole just made it food nothing more nothing less and that was what he was doing with his life. Garvey was making the best out of life like when he made the most out of a hot dog. Cole was in a holding cell before his trial and Garvey came to visit. "'What are you doing' Cole asked. Garvey ignored the question as he laid out salt, flour, eggs, baking soda, a bottle of water, sugar, butter and molasses Cole wiped the sweat off his forehead. The stuffy room was like a furnace Cole at everything on the table. Garvey asked 'so how was it'. 'Gross' Cole said. Garvey unwrapped a small baked cake with creamy frosting and broke off a piece. 'Here,' he said 'eat this if you dare'. Cole wolfed down the moist piece of cake eyeing Garvey the whole time. 'So what does this prove'. Garvey shrugged, 'did you like the cake'. 'It was ok'. 'I baked this cake this morning with the same ingredients'"(31-33). This shows that a bunch of bad things can make one good thing. What Garvey is trying to tell Cole is He has a lot of bad things in his

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