Book Club Persuasive Essay

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Don’t be that person that doesn’t partake in any extracurriculars throughout their years in high school. If you 're a person who likes to read they have the book club, or maybe you like art they have a club for that too. Even if there isn’t a club that sparks your interest you can start one all you need to do is get a sponsor and there you have it. There are many extracurricular activities that are offered this includes volunteer opportunities inside and outside of school find the one that interests you and get involved! If there’s a sport you enjoy try out for it don’t assume that you won’t make the team because you 're slow, too short or too big, just try out because you have a chance, you never know until you try.

Challenge yourself by taking harder classes whether it’s honors, AP, or IB. If you take a class now and you feel it easy for you might want to enroll in a more challenging course. Make sure there’s a balance of difficult classes because you don’t want to challenge yourself to the point where you can’t handle it. You may be good in history but not as strong in science so you may try taking a class like AP/IB history and maybe honors science which challenges you, but not as much as an IB or AP class would. Only you know what you can and cannot handle.
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Do not slack off because it will hurt you in the long run. Start off your freshman year off strong. Learn how to manage your time well because you will have a lot of free time, you could take advantage of it by doing homework or perhaps study for a test, just use your free time wisely. Don’t procrastinate on assignments because that will result in bad grades, and remember your GPA matter. If you began strong, and let 's say you fall a little bit in the other years your GPA won’t be significantly affected. It gets harder to bring your GPA up as you move through high school because courses become
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