Book Cover Analysis

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Book Cover Analyses

I will analyze the book cover on the left first:

Concept: This book cover looks Chinese in a 1930’s setting. This is achieved and done through the graphics, which tell and say “Chinese” without too much power that could have overdone it. Furthermore, the graphics also have a 1930’s feeling for me. Most of the weight of the “Chinese” comes from the dominant red color scheme and the dragons representing China. Though, the 1930’s is represented through the supporting smaller elements that the viewer doesn’t directly see, it is more hidden.

Color: This book cover mostly uses a triadic red color tone with blue and yellow as the dominant colors. Red is very dominating, because of the red quotation box at the bottom. This …show more content…

(The top of Joy luck (the title) to the small author name, Amy Tan to the "what she has written earlier in her lifetime" this creates a triangle. This leads down to the box where the revies of the book are. The dragon graphics on both sides of the book cover also creates a good balance, because they are evenly …show more content…

things that lead off the page or make the eye stop usually aren't good *in book covers* unless you are doing it on purpose.”

Analyzing the book cover on the right:

Concept: This book cover of the same book is more soft and womanly, because of the flowers also coming from the 1930’s time period. Also the Chinese tone is said again, but this time through the element behind the title. Unlike the previous cover this book says that Amy Tan is more important that the book, I don’t really know if this is good, but in this case I really agree with this choice of the author. In this case, though it is more simple than the last book it still represents lots of the story, I think.

Composition: I am able to notice that all the elements are cut very neatly. For example, the flowers behind the title, the large gold elements and this doesn’t make the viewer being able to fill in the edges, which probably prevents the side issues that they draw the attention to themselves. Color is the strongest element of composition on this

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