Book Of Eli Analysis

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In the movie, The Book of Eli, the world changes to a cold, bare place, a place that nobody wants to end up in. Most of the people turn into scavengers and have lost eyesight or the ability to read without any books because of the war. The little towns that are still thriving are being taken over by people who want power. The people of the town are being treated badly and food, water, and cleanliness is very scarce. Eli has been a walker for thirty years who is also blind. He says he sees by using faith and all his faith in God helped him get to where he needed to be. He saw the good in everybody even if they used their power for bad. He had gone through many obstacles on his journey to find somebody right for the Bible. The Book of Eli demonstrates how strong faith is to certain people and explains that it takes away all the hardships as long as a person can believe or for some it can drive them to be powerful. Eli is a strong follower of God. He believes that the whole time he was on his journey, he was safe because God was…show more content…
Carnegie’s only purpose in their new lives as scavengers was to have all the power he could and to own the only Bible known to existence. This is demonstrated in his quotation,” I grew up with that book, I know its power." Him trying to have faith was for all the wrong reasons and God saw this. God knew that Carnegie was trying to use the Bible for bad and so he did not look over him and protect him as much as Eli. Eli also knew that Carnegie was the wrong person for the Bible. The voices in his head that first told him to go on his long journey did not specifically tell him where and who to bring the Bible to, so he followed his gut instinct and his faith. Carnegie ended up dying a slow death was an infection in his flesh wound with “his people” attacking him in the end. This is the opposite of how Eli died, which was after he peacefully stated every word from the Bible and was properly
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