Book Of Esther Research Paper

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Powerful Life Lessons from the Book of Esther The Book of Esther is a dramatic account, which shows us special and purposeful plans that God has prepared for our lives. The story is also full of powerful life lessons about God’s supreme love toward human beings and the importance of one having courage. Esther was a little orphan girl. However, her uncle, Mordecai, raised Esther as his own child. He taught her to believe in God and therefore, God blessed her with cleverness and beauty, incomparable to any other women in the world. Therefore, Esther was able to become the queen of the Persian Empire and her faith in God saves the Jewish people from the destruction. In my imagination, Esther is a drop-dead gorgeous woman with flawless skin and pleasing…show more content…
And if I perish, I perish” (Esther 4:16). From these phrases, we can see that Esther was willing to die to save her Jewish people. Sometimes, we also confront with situations that require us to be courage and we need to risk the result whether it succeeds or not. Christians must need prayers and fasting to bring clarity and hope for God’s deliverance Though God was not mentioned even once in the Book of Esther, Esther clearly knew that in this urgent situation, she needed to pray and fast to get the heavenly response from God. In our daily lives, we also need to pray and fast to open the portal for the spiritual growth and to be blessed with God’s grace. God requires our obedience Esther’s obedience toward God saved the Jewish people from genocide. Although she was afraid of the consequence of persuading the king to stop Haman’s plan of killing the Jewish people, she still approached the king and by acting in the obedience, she was able to save her nation and her people. Likewise, Christians must obey to God because our obedience brings us the most suitable result for us. God uses everything and everyone to accomplish his divine
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