Book Of Exodus Comparison Essay

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The movie “The Matrix” and the “Book of Exodus,” have some noteworthy parallels. One of these parallels is that both stories are about humankind being led toward a path of freedom by one man (the hero). In “The Matrix” humans are a slave to Artificial Intelligence, the energy source needed for Artificial Intelligence to thrive. In the “Book of Exodus” the Hebrew are a slave to Egypt, and are used as the energy source to build a great city for the Pharaoh. There are parallels between the two hero’s (Neo and Moses) as well. The first is that neither are seeking to be a Hero, but instead are chosen for the task. Moses was chosen by God and Neo more or less chosen by destiny. They both have a calling for a “greater good.” Both men have to leave behind their former lives in order to serve the calling, thus living in two worlds. Moses was born a Hebrew but raised as a Prince of Egypt, only to realize that his Egyptian ways of life was a betrayal to his people, therefore he had to turn away from it and help his people to be freed from Egypt. Neo finds out that he is part of a human enslaved world to Artificial Intelligence and everything he knows is a lie, thus aiding his decision in assisting Morphias and the others to help mankind to find freedom from Artificial Intelligence. One of the main differences between the…show more content…
Both have a hero that brings the hope of new found freedom, and both are stories of the fight for a greater good. But both stories are very different in content as well. One story is from accounts of a very long ago, when people were god-fearing individuals and believed in a higher being that could save them from tragedy and desperation. The other is a story from the future where the people know nothing of what reality really is and do not know that the higher intelligence are the ones who are actually enslaving
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