The Book Of Joy Book Review

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In the non-fiction book The Book of Joy, by Douglas Abrams, Abrams is interviewing two of the world’s most well-known religious leaders, His Holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in the breezy mountains of Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh in India, about the road to joy, its true meaning, and how to experience it and keep it in your emotions frequently. Abrams, the narrator of the book, writes about the questions he asked the two joyful, sagacious men, the replies he received, his opinions and thoughts concerning the answers he was given, and Abrams even elaborated and expanded on everything to aid the readers in understanding more easily and told stories of his own that related to the subject at hand. The Dalai Lama…show more content…
The Book of Joy taught me several things, like how to overcome the obstacles of joy that occur in daily life. It also taught me that joy comes from suffering and to accept the suffering and find ways to alleviate the pain. Many of the things stated in the book touched and impacted me because I could relate to or empathise with what was being said. I myself am religious and follow the path of God, so it wasn’t very difficult for me to agree with what was said in the book, and I actually learned a lot about my religion from it. I’m very delighted to have read this book also partly because it helped me realize a handful of great things that I can attempt to make into habits like meditating, or praying for long periods of time, and even thinking of others to help myself. You see, the human brain is actually wired to be generous and amiable to others because, without other human beings, no one would be able to learn, act, and survive as a human being. Making friends, trusting others and being able to have others trust you, is the only way to survive, and having the ability to empathise with another person, have concern for their well-being, understand them and what they’re going through, especially if you’re both hurting and suffering, can cause you to
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