Book Of Negroes Essay

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The book of negroes written by Lawrence Hill is a fantastic book that tells the story of slavery through the eyes of a girl who later becomes a women name Aminata. Throughout the book, Aminata tells readers about the many downfalls and experiences she has been through when in slave by the white men. Some of the themes that relate to this book are Freedom, Determination, wisdom, love and family teaching, Hardship/brutality, and death. During the crucial years of slavery, colored people were forced to serve white people against their will. There are so many black people wanted to be free.The stories told in the book are examples of the injustice acts against blacks. For example when on the ship with the Toubab men the black people lost their…show more content…
An example of brutality and hardship is the murder of Aminata parents which scared her for the years she was alive. No child should witness such vicious atrocious acts. The picture of slaves being roped and beaten symbolizes hardship because that picture is what realistically happen to black people when slavery was still present in the world.The final theme that connects to the theme just talked about (hardship/brutality) is death. Aminata had to face death situation so often in her life. Death symbolizes the death of the African culture. Racism and enslavement were a way to kill it. Death was also the case of Aminata innocence of a child. The picture of the red line showing the death of someone is what I used to symbolize the theme. The red line symbolizes living things and the wavy line into the straight line describes the living transitioning into the after life acknowledging they time on earth is
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