The Book Of Philemon: The Apostle Paul

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The Book of Philemon is a part of the Pauline letters. The Apostle Paul wrote many letters to various churches and devoted leaders of the Christian faith. The letter of Philemon is one of a private and personal intent to another Christian leader in Christ. It is from this letter we see the love Paul has for Philemon and Onesimus. Apostle Paul demonstrated a godly and righteousness perspective of how Christians are to work together when there maybe differences between brothers and sisters of the faith. From the letter of Philemon, we see forgiveness, barriers of society and respect. Authorship Apostle Paul is known to be the author of the book of Philemon. The letter to Philemon was written during Paul’s two-year imprisonment in Rome.…show more content…
Forgiveness: (v. 17-20) Philemon was Paul’s friend, but he also was the lawful owner of the slave Onesimus. He could have disciplined Onesimus severely as a runaway and as a thief. Paul asked his dear friend not to only withhold chastisement, but to forgive Onesimus and to receive him as a new Christian brother, welcoming him into his home as he would welcome Paul (v.17). Respect:( v. 4-9, 21-25) Paul was a acquaintance of both Philemon and Onesimus. He had the authority as an Apostle to suggest to Philemon what to do (v.8). Yet, Paul chose to petition to his friend in Christian love rather than to order him what to do. Paul clearly made his wishes known, but he treated Philemon with respect, as a person and a fellow devotee. Barriers: (v. 10-16) Slavery was prevalent in the Roman Empire, but no one is lost to God or beyond his love, not even the underprivileged slave. Slavery was an impenetrable barrier, but God can break through anything that split people. And God tells us, as those dedicated to Christ, to love all kinds of people. Christians love, and fellowship must overcome all…show more content…
60, while being in prison in Rome. The book of Philemon is a letter written to ask Philemon, a friend and co-worker of the faith to accept his runaway slave back as a brother in Christ. It is through the Apostle Paul that we see how to handle such delicate matters. Paul demonstrated how people of the Christian faith should handle various obstacles they often encounter. He showed love in action for his fellowman. Paul didn’t see Onesimus as a slave but as a human who was given the same love for God as he was given. Apostle Paul knew that’s the same love that Christians give to one another is to be the same love and respect even for a

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