Book Report: All Quiet On The Western Front

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Entry 1- The book starts off about a couple of kids who were born and raised on the streets they are trying to make a better place. The three boys George, Rameck, and Sampson clean the street by picking up trash and fixing the broken benches with Sampson’s brother Andre. Sampson breaks his foot after dropping concrete on it during his attempt to move a concrete slab with Andre. His mom took him to the emergency room and Sampson loved it. The Doctor showed Sampson an x-ray of his foot and where it was broken. He was left with a cast he had to wear all summer long. Even though he didn’t know it at the time that is how he became interested in medicine and how he decided to become and emergency room doctor. He worked at the same hospital later in life that he went to as a kid. In this sequence of events the other is using imagery to make us imagine his broken foot. He is also using foreshadowing by telling us how Sampson likes the medical field. Entry2- Rameck is in catholic school and became bored a lot and acted up which caused him to be requested for special-ed classes. Meanwhile, George goes out to play before being scolded and insulted by a woman. He realizes people are judgmental towards him. Furthermore, Sampson gets caught stealing icee’s and learns a major lesson on why he shouldn’t steal.…show more content…
and still dark out when Sampson woke up to a loud explosion. He looked out his bedroom window and saw flashing police lights and fire coming from a car engine. The car was wrapped around a telephone pole right outside Sampson’s house. He walked outside and police officers were scattered everywhere. He heard a neighbor ask what happened and someone said the boy driving had stolen the car and was being chased by the police. When he came around the corner he lost control of the car and hit the telephone pole. The driver was dead; it was Razor, who was a boy from Sampson’s karate class that stopped taking classes to work for a neighborhood drug
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