Book Report: Frankenstein By Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Book Report I read Frankenstein (Amazon Classics Edition), by Mary Shelley. This book was first published in the year 1818, on January 1st, by Mary Shelley, but has been revised and republished, now known as the “modern prometheus”. Their has also been many other editions and edits made off of this book including movies. According to Wikipedia, Frankenstein was published in the United Kingdom (U.K.). The book Frankenstein is written from a few different views. It starts as letters, written from Robert Walton, too his sister, Margaret Saville. In these letters, he talks about how he meets a stranger who is not in the best condition. He eventually becomes friends with this stranger, and learns his story. After these series of letters, the perspective changes to Victor’s point of view. The stranger, is learned as the name of Victor Frankenstein, who is the main character of the book. It explains his life as a child. Victor then goes off to college and studies life. Victor starts working on his new creation, and thinks he is almost done. He sets off to bed. In the morning, the monster is gone, and Victor is a bit worried because the loss of his experimentations. Victor's brother, William is murdered. One of Victor’s friends takes the blame, but tells Victor she did not do the crime. She is later executed for taking blame. Victor…show more content…
It was written in 1818, and takes place their. The story can be compared, by a few ways. One is their poor technology. Like the nineteenth century, this book does not have electronics, advanced tools, and so forth. At one point, there was a gun in the story, but only one man had one. They also had old villages, and huts. The story also contained boats, which like back then, they used boats for one of the major ways for travel. In the Start of the book, as well as the end, they use letters to tell part of the story. This is how they would have done it back then, using letters to
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