Book Report Hatchet By Gary Paulsen

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Do you have your own hatchet? I don 't have my own hatchet. But Brian Robeson have his own hatchet. Hatchet by gary Paulsen was fist published in 1987. Fist, I see this book 's cover. But I can 't expect this book 's summary. Gary Paulsen is this book 's author. Gary Paulsen is a popular author. He writes many books and he got many books and He got many prizes. So I expected this book. This book 's summary is Brian Robeson 's story. His parents divorced in last month. The counter 's decision is "In a school term, Brian live with mom. But In summer vacation, he can go to father." So he is going to father to meet father. But the plane is fell down. Because he died because of heart failure. And he arrived where he don 't know. He lived in there. After days, a man relieve him. I think this book is fiction. But, this book is very detail. I feel I see this story near. So that story is great. In this book, there are many character. First, Main character is Brian Robeson. He is 13 years old. He knows why his mother wants to divorce. Because, When he do something with his friend, he see mom with another man. Also, when he go to father, plane that he ride falls down. And he arrives where he don 't know. But he lives well with only hatchet. And after 54 days, He meet a man and go home. I think…show more content…
I think this story is like drama. Because, a pilot dies and the plane falls down is not common. Also, In this story, this plane 's passenger is only Brian. So In this plane, there are only a pilot and Brian. This thing is also not common But when I read this book, I think " when I go trip, I must get survival tools. Because, I can get this story. And, When I do anything, Fist I think more and do anything. I think worry, but I want to do like this story. It was some hard, but I like exploration, I want to challenge to survive. But I 'm worry. Because, when I do this story, I can die or survive. Also, I can hart. But I can do survive when I have this story.
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