Book Report Of Blue Bloods By Melissa De La Cruz

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The book I chose for my book report is called Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz. The reason why I chose this book because the cover caught my eye, then read the back and thought was interesting story. It a fictional story about the blue bloods which later learn means vampires. The story begins with a girl named Schuyler Van Alen, who is being raised by her distant grandmother named Cordelia. Her mother has been in coma for nearly all of Schuler life. Schuyler, her friend Oliver and their new friend Dylan are treated like an outsider by the clique of popular, made up of Mimi Force, her twin brother Jack Force, and her best friend Bliss. But one thing they all have in common is the fact that they are all Blue Bloods, or what other people would call them vampires. They don't realize that they aren't normal until they reach…show more content…
Trying to clear Dylan name she goes to Bliss, Dylan girlfriend. Bliss explains to Schuyler that Dylan couldn’t had killed Aggie because that night he was with her. That night Schuyler goes back home instead of riding in the car with Bliss she decided to walk home since she not far away. However, she get attack and nearly killed but in time Jack save her life then the dark figure went away. That when Schuyler learn the silver bloods are here and here to stay. When Bliss got home it is learn that Dylan has escape the jail he was in and warns her about the silver blood and how they was here. Then he says he say Schuyler before his way to her house and that was going to warn her to but the rest was a blur to what happen. He runs off and the reader doesn’t know where he went. When Schuyler arrive homes she finds her grandmother Cordelia has been attacked and is dieing. Cordelie tells her to go and find her grandfather he the only one that can helps us. Schuyler then decided to go find her grandfather to save them all from the silver
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