Book Report On A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah

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A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah is the painfully true biography of Ishmael, his elder brother Junior, their friends and their journey to out run a war that is occurring in their hometown, Sierra Leone. The majority of the story takes place in Sierra Leon in between the years of 1993 and 1998. Ishmael’s journey begins the January of 1993 when he is the age of twelve. Individuals have begun to revolt which takes everything a turn for the worse. The rebels have struck the country with fear and caused complete chaos by killing families and destroying what they once called home. Ishmael, accompanied by close friends, is traveling through Mattru Jong when he firsts hears of the rebels attacking his village Mogbwemo. Once they give up searching for…show more content…
Ishmael Beah being number one for he is the author and narrator of this account. He retells his journey, fighting to run from war and battle with internal struggles. After being captured, brainwashed and beaten Ishmael is finally given a break. He has the chance to recovery and is reunited with his Uncle Lennie. Lennie assists Ishmael in his recovery and helps him to remember the happy times with his loved ones. Eventually Beah finds himself in New York City where he shares his stories with avid listeners. Junior Beah is Ishmael’s elder brother who was separated from his brother during the war. Junior shared interests with Ishmael and they both enjoyed the music that saved their lives, rap. Ishmael’s Uncle Lennie also plays a major role in Ishmael’s journey because he helped ease him back into everyday life. As the reader he is the only living family member we are introduced to. While Ishmael was in rehabilitation center he was assisted by a nurse by the name of Esther. She took Ishmael under her wing and treated him as a brother. She purchased him a cassette player and tapes to listen to. Once Ishmael is released and arrives in New York he soon meets a storyteller names Laura Simms. She takes time to listen to Ishmael and becomes the mother figure in his
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